Eazi Car will launch on February 2019 (projected)

First drivers center will be based on Iskandar NOW.

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Penang April 2019
Kuala Lumpur July 2019

Eazi will provide a balance entitlement to drivers & passengers. Most important we are a local base company that understand the people needs and looking at more contribution to the state people.

Eazi will also create more activities for all users to keep conected.

Free Registration

1st Nov 2018 - 30th Nov 2018 will entitle a fiest time 100% rebate for reload

First 500 drivers will entitle medical benefit

1) If the will hit the first three months at RM 5,300 gross monthly, and they will receive a medical card.

2)If lapse target for continuosly for 60days the medical benefit will be revoke, till they recover by the following month.

3) All the entitlement above registration with a RM 20 reload will reserve the rights of benefit before operation start.

4) The reload are refundable if you decided to change your job vocation to others, but not other e-hailing company.

The Next Generation of Transportation is Coming to Your Way

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